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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sounding like a robin with a sore throat, I looked up into my black walnut tree on a bright May day, and saw a bird with which I was very familiar but had never seen..a Scarlet Tanager. The brilliant flash of red, even more intense than the male Cardinal, is unmistakable. With zoom lens in hand, I shot off almost two rolls of film, capturing some of the inevitable bird butt photos, but also some nice images. I later did a scrapbook layout using my favorite photos, and in my journaling, pondered whether or not I'd have to wait another half century to see one.

Two years later, I can happily say, no, I will not have to wait that long. Hiking that challenging bluff trail the other day, I was treated to another good look at a Scarlet Tanager, along with his nesting wife. Though he wasn't quite so accomodating as my previous model, I did get one quick shot. Though I'd liked the focus to have been better, I can't help but smile at the jaunty pose and backward glance. I hope to shorten my time between sightings to even less, now that I know where the birds are nesting. In fact, perhaps I should consider another hike. It's cooler in the woods, and maybe the family is now complete. Stay tuned.


  • but it's an adorable bird butt shot you caught! :d

    By Blogger doris, at 3:47 PM  

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