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Friday, July 29, 2005

Birding in my mind...

I've been out birding once since returning from Europe. I'm not sure why I haven't looked much beyond my own backyard in the last week, but I haven't. The Orioles who were a constant presence before I left seem to have vanished, but the House Finches, Goldfinches and Cardinals are ever present. A Chipping Sparrow, dare I say it, is actually getting on my nerves! It must be a nestling, because it chips all day long from the same tree! I will get myself out of bed early tomorrow and go forth to see birds. I think that sometimes, the birds just need to wait. I've enjoyed connecting with my almost 19 year old son this week. Life has been especially rough for him, and he's trying to climb out of his pit. We have a daily cribbage game--he's won the last two--eat a healthy supper together--ah, the berries are in season!--and he even acquiesced to come with me and have a sandwich at my favorite coffee shop. He's the older of my baby birds, his wings itching to fly free but unready to do so. Conversation, good food and beating Mom at cribbage are part of the medicine, for both mother and son.

Healing with good food requires some shopping. What better place to go than the Cameron Park Farmers Market? A bird might gather up some goodies here, if the squirrels don't get it first. A place where we can still gather with strangers and spend a few minutes being friends, I came home with a bouquet of sunflowers, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and raspberries. Pesto spaghetti with tomatoes and a bowl of raspberries and blackberries made for a satisfying supper, the sunflowers gracing the table. It doesn't hurt that at the market tonight, while I carried on conversations with two vendors and a grandma shopping for cucumbers to make pickles with her granddaughter tomorrow, musicians were playing for all the shoppers to enjoy. It's one of those homegrown milieus that force us to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Yes, sometimes a birder just has to do other things. Life is filled with too many wonderful experiences to limit oneself to only one. Like....Artist Trading Cards. I did two sets this past week for swaps. About birds.


  • so glad you and your son have this time together. :D

    By Blogger doris, at 6:32 PM  

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