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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Question: When is a wren not a wren?

Answer: When it's a Lincoln's Sparrow!

When I was out birding in the rain the other day, I happened upon this cute little wren-like bird along the trail. I knew it wasn't a wren, but I really wasn't sure what it actually was. I pulled my field guide from my pocket, but those sparrows are all so similar. The bird allowed me to edge ever closer, unconcerned, so I took a few shots for id purposes.

Returning home, I spent time comparing it to my field guides and guessed it could be a Lincoln's Sparrow. Posting to the Wisconsin Bird Network, several birders responded that it absolutely was a Lincoln's Sparrow, and a few added comments to the effect that it was a nice shot.

I looked back once more, and you know what? Even though it was just for identification was a nice shot! Surprises are great! Correct id of an LBJ (little brown job), a life bird and a nice photo as well.

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