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Sunday, December 18, 2005

From the largest........

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Yesterday was our Audubon Club's annual Christmas Bird Count. Feeling more competent, I told the organizer I could fly solo this year, helping to maximize coverage. When I encountered an unknown raptor that I simply could not identify clearly, I was feeling less competent, but all in all, it was still a grand day. Starting very early, I tried for owls. Not very successful, I moved along, thinking I'd make up for that lack in waterfowl, given that my area was both sides of the Mississippi River.

No such luck. Any waterfowl with half a brain has flown for open water. With only a few small open spots, they were far and few between. The Bald Eagles, however, were having huge parties. I counted 25, both adults and younguns, like this one. This one has to be a teenager; look at the calculated sloppiness in plumage and the untucked overall gangly appearance! They gifted me with very close looks and fly bys, allowing me to truly appreciate their size and grandeur. They were the largest of the birds I counted yesterday.

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